Karl Heortweard (SE)

Speaker (Composer)

Karl Heortweard (1988) is a composer for international films and TV programmes. After living in Stockholm for a period of time, where he developed the basics of writing for media, the frustration of not knowing how to proceed led to the plan to record his trajectory with the idea of ​​eventually writing a book about it. Back in the Netherlands, he was determined to be a film composer and has been able to achieve this over the subsequent years. In 2017, he wrote the music for the Albanian film ‘Elvis Walks Home’ and ‘Love and Shukla’, an Indian film that was sold to Netflix. In 2019, 'Project Rembrandt' started which more than a million Dutch people watch every week and have aired three seasons so far. The film 'Whitestar' also went into cinemas that year, to which the sequel 'Silverstar' was made in 2022. During that period he also worked on other film productions such as 'Casanova's' (2020) and 'Zomer in Frankrijk' (2023) and the program 'Dreamschool' (2021) for the NPO. He also gives guest lectures and workshops on composition and making a career as a media composer at film festivals and universities. His experience, along with 56 other industry professionals, is now reflected in his book 'You Shoot, I Score!'. A guide that will help you you’re your own way, whether you are still exploring and looking for an education, searching for the best jobs for you, or considering to go to Hollywood.

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