Kabir Engel (CL)

Speaker (Glovox)

Managing & developing Glovox, one of the most important production and BTL companies of the last 20 years in Chile. In charge of some of the most relevant events in the fields of Education, Culture and Entertainment.

Committed to design only unforgettable experiences based on innovation has allowed us to generate a solid network of public, private and corporate clients.

As a result of these 20 years designing experiences, we have diversified our work towards different areas, not only music events, but also in creative design and content focused on educational, cultural, multimedia and CSR experiences.

More than 2,000,000 people have enjoyed our events in the last 20 years!

Earthdance, Loveparade, Hypnotic, Lollapalooza, Sundeck, MUTEK, DGTL, Piknic Electronik and Gallery Weekend are just some of the massive events where Glovox has participated.

During our long career we have defined a clear philosophy: it is not about producing events or making perfect implementations, it is about creating unique and memorable experiences for the crowd.

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