Kabale und Liebe (NL)

Kabale Und Liebe is a successful DJ and producer, co-owner of the irrepressible Soweso record label and constantly striving for the highest level of quality throughout everything he does. 2014 marked a critical phase in Liron's career as he prepared to unveil his debut album, Realitivity, which delves deeper into his musical persona and sees the Dutchman go back to basics. Liron's story began when he was 12 years of age, listening to the anarchic sounds of hardcore and gabba, he was fascinated with the world of electronic music from the get-go. He picked up a part-time job and eventually saved enough money to buy some decks. With no one to learn from, he taught himself how to mix and those first naïve steps to learning how to DJ are the cornerstone of his entire career.
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