K96 (DE)

K96 or Dominik Leithner, the name already clarifies: this young talent is born in 1996. He was raised in the city called ‘Köln’ approximately 90 kilometers from the Dutch border. Dominik was already bothering his parents with electronic music at the age of 6, playing the Thunderdome albums continuously. Only two years later his mother bought him his first music production software, called ‘Ejay' followed up by Fruity Loops. From that point on he started developing his musical skills until the day of today. This guy couldn’t slip by unnoticed, especially not by Theracords. K96 has already shown his DJ-skills in Germany at the Tresor club in Berlin and in the Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen. Now it’s time to show you what he stands for. K96 is recognizable for his raw beats and dark atmosphere. His first release on Theracords contains the track titles ‘The Fight’, ‘The Universe Listens’ and ‘The World is Changing’, which will definitely be of great value for the record label.
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