Julian Bentley (GB)

Speaker (IAEL)

After graduating from the University of Exeter, Julian worked initially as a tour manager, overseeing the live performances of musicians in the UK and Europe. He then moved into management, guiding the careers of recording artists, actors and comedians.

After further studies to become a lawyer, Julian joined the Simkins Partnership in 1991. He completed his training in 1993, became a partner in 1997 and was a founding partner of Swan Turton in 2005.

His clients include independent record companies, music publishers, recording artists, composers, record producers, advertising agencies and comedians.

Julian holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in UK and European Law of Copyright and Related Rights from King’s College London.

Published works include A view from across the pond – The artist’s team in the UK, a chapter in the 2012 IAEL book entitled Building your Artist’s Brand as a Business, and the Editor’s Introduction to the 2009 IAEL book entitled Multiple Rights Deals in the Music Industry.

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