Juan Sebastian (NL)


A Musical Journey Filled with South American Magic.

Amsterdam Dance Event is thrilled to introduce Juan Sebastian, an exceptional talent hailing from Buenaventura, Colombia – the very city where his biological mother took her first dance steps. He carries the vibrant energy of his birthplace, infusing it into his music, creating an atmosphere like no other.

With an extensive discography spanning various genres, Juan finds his true creative freedom in minimal/classic percussive-driven house. He effortlessly blends this unique style with all the necessary ingredients to create an unforgettable night on the dance floor.

Asked about his setlist, Juan shares his approach: "I provide a warm groove, sprinkling it with my South American magic. These blueprints unite the crowd. When questioned about his process, Juan humbly admits relying on intuition and embracing spontaneity. However, his experience and confidence behind the decks enable him to consistently deliver something truly exceptional each night.

Don't miss the chance to witness the hypnotic allure of Juan Sebastian's music during Amsterdam Dance Event. Join us for a transcendent experience, as he weaves his artistic tapestry, bridging cultures and connecting souls on the dance floor. Discover the enticing rhythms of South America and let Juan Sebastian guide you on a musical journey that will leave an indelible mark.

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