DJ Beukeboom (NL)


Back when DJ Beukeboom was still lil' DJ Beukeboom, he found a Baile Funk CD by coincidence. Instantly he was hooked by the rhythms, energy and vibe of Brazilian sounds. From that first moment Baile Funk blasted through his speakers, the young music lover started exploring the world of Brazilian music. After many years of researching and collecting Brazilian music, he felt the urge to take it to the next step and produce his own Baile Funk beats. DJ Beukeboom was born.

DJ Beukeboom gives his own unique twist to the Baile Funk sound in which he blends early 90’s house and gabber influences, coming from his Dutch roots but also hiphop elements that have excited him over the years. He released his A-Live mixtape which was strictly made from his own productions. It was his creative way to give hommage to his most beloved Baile Funk tracks. The mixtape received support from artists like Branko, King Doudou, FS Green, Wantigga, JAEL and more.

Besides producing, DJ Beukeboom also performs a unique liveshow. On stage he creates and combines his own music using a SP404 sampler. The combination of Baile Funk rhythms and uplifting melodies result in a dynamic and lively mix made for some high-energy dancing. On various festival- and clubstages, DJ Beukeboom has brought his energetic live-set which is very much worth witnessing.

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