Jordan Peak (GB)

Most people chance upon the world of 4/4 music in their teenage years, however a young Jordan Peak was exposed much sooner. Born just a year before the second summer of love, the youngster was raised amidst stacks of 12” vinyl and surrounded by house music from his earliest days. This extremely promising newcomer to the dance music scene was well schooled in the art of groove long before he started making music himself. Focusing on low slung house music full of swing and swagger, Jordan has a knack for creating raw analogue charm and already encompasses a growing spectrum of sounds. Currently in the midst of a speedy ascent through the production ranks, his output already includes an intriguing set of releases, for a UK act, on labels such as Robsoul, Raum...Musik, Saved and Tsuba. This is quite an introduction to music making, considering that Jordan only released his first record in late 2009. This year will see further releases on these labels, as well as new material on Hudd Traxx’ sister label Smoke City, and an EP on Adam Shelton and Subb-an’s exciting new One Records imprint, which is part of an intriguing new wave of UK labels. This new charge is spearheaded by the likes of Jordan and fellow Brits like Robert James – who were together named on Radio 1’s ‘Introducing’ section of the Essential Selection as being the names to watch in 2011.
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