Joonya T (CA)

Filled with nothing else than an artistic vision, well known for his innovation through his sound and his undying devotion for the underground house music culture, Joonya T is not only seen as the upcoming leader of the next generation, but has become a true source of inspiration for House Lovers Around The World. This fresh artist is also seen as a serious entrepreneur who has earned the title of being “Toronto’s youngest in charge”. Joonya T has gained respect and support from the music industry and house music enthusiasts from all corners of the world. Joonya T grew up listening to Reggae, Soca and Hip-Hop in the boroughs of Toronto, Canada. In his early teenage years, he acquired his first pair of belt drive turntables and a Gemini mixer, and after a few years spinning at small local events and broadcasting his own internet radio stream, using the few records, mainly 45s he was purchasing bi weekly, he became interested in the DJ’s role. His music collection grew fast and so was his ability to please partygoers, eventually, he took charge of dance floors and shared his passion in the east end of Toronto.
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