Johanna Mercker (NL)

On the tender age of six, the parents of Johanna Mercker inspired here to take on piano lessons. After years of classical training Johanna discovered that electronic music, and especially 'house', could her attention much longer then the weekly hours of piano study. She went on a expedition to discover this music to the fullest; trance, hardstyle, hardcore and techno. When Johanna went to Haarlem, in the North of Holland, she started building on a extensive network in the dance scene. That's how she got friends with the DJ-hero from Haarlem: Michael 'Ille Bitch' von L. After accompanying him on his many DJ-gigs throughout the Netherlands, Johanna realized that it was time to learn how to mix and DJ. Ille Bitch became her mentor and within a few weeks she had here first gig in club Stalker. After that moment her career took a flight and it started pouring booking-requests. Within the year she played at clubs like Doornroosje, Club Rembrandt, M.S. Stubnitz, Studio 80, Club Poema and many many more. Besides mixing Johanna took on the noble art of music production.
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