Jitze de Raaff (NL)

Speaker (CTM Entertainment)

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, Jitze (1980) initiated new entertainment websites and online shops for many artists, before he started his own artist management company.

By merging his management firm with the music department of CTM Entertainment, Jitze’s scope became much wider, overseeing both records and music publishing at CTM. One of his main achievements is establishing the growth of CTM Publishing to become one of Europe’s leading independent music publishing companies, active on a global scale.

Besides his leading and shareholder role, next to his father, at CTM - the overarching entertainment company specialized in music publishing, TV productions and production library music, now one of the most successful independent entertainment music companies - Jitze also participates in the Council of Members at the Dutch collecting society Buma/Stemra and is Chairman of the Dutch publishers association NMUV.

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