Jet Hoevenberg ()

Jet Hoevenberg is Marketing & Sustainability manager for Sensation International. Sensation started as a once-only event at the Amsterdam ArenA in 2000 has now grown into a recurring phenomenon with editions in seventeen countries. Sensation lives up to its name every year by presenting themes that engage the public through the white dress code. At Sensation, each guest is part of an unforgettable total experience. Acrobats, performers, DJs and our guests all contribute their part to this unique manifestation of unity and euphoria. Sensation is the only place in the world where you will ever see forty thousand people interacting in such a respectful and heart-warming way. Jet is working towards making Sensation a more Sustainable event: Sensation is a global company with a local approach. Fortune favours the connected mind, and with communal challenges like climate change, we cannot, and must not work alone. Recognised globally for unity and purity, Sensation is devoted to sustaining its events far into the future. We want to create a future for ourselves, our industry, our audience, and our planet. To do this we follow the three key principles of talent, nature, and unity. Short summary: Talent; We have a responsibility to empower the dance sector’s brightest talents to become great - give them a stage and they will grow. Nature; We love what we do and we don’t want it to stop. Sustainability makes simple, business sense and the Sensation team does everything it can to limit our impacts. We are working to decrease our impact in: Audience Travel, Office, Production Transport, Sensation show and venues Unity; The beauty of our shows is the feeling of being united. Since its beginning, music has been used to unite people. It transcends language, races, borders, and continents. Sensation aims to bring unity to as many people as possible regardless of who or where they are, dress in white and unite! We support dance4life which unites young people through music and dance and raises awareness on how to stop the spread of HIV and Aids. Besides that as a marketing manager, Jet enhances the challenges to work with different markets around the globe. The challenge is to understand each market and combine the preferences of all stakeholders to organise the most succesfull event. Every country has it’s own identity and it’s own way of communicating to the public. Workng to develop a successful marketingcampaign that suits the country is challenging, surprising and exciting every day.
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