Jelmer Rotteveel (NL)

Speaker (Soar Music Group)

Jelmer Rotteveel is the founder of Soar Music Group and a music professional with already almost 15 years experience. Having started at a young age, Jelmer has previously worked at Dim Mak Records in Los Angeles, ID&T and Mysteryland in The Netherlands as well as Spinnin' Records in The Netherlands. In the past he created Run The Trap Events, which is an event production company organising events in Europe, India and the United States.He is currently the founder of Soar Music Group, a music technology and management company based in Amsterdam which launched in 2019. Soar Music Group offers a range of services, such as playlisting, PR, management and NFT services. Additionally Soar Music Group has launched one of the first NFT record labels called MoonwalkerFM, a playlist management platform called Songplace and more platforms are to follow soon.

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