Jay Martin (PT)

João Martins is a young man born in Albufeira, Portugal who always had a special taste for music. It was early when he got curious about learning how to play some music instruments and develop some music culture in order to also develop his intellect in the world of music. Later on, there was an interest in the world of the “Dance Scene”, eventually performing a DJ course, and then, realized the true powers that he had on the decks. Thus was born DJ HOMIXIDE. In his first experiences as a DJ, he played in “BUHBA BAR” in Albufeira. Months later, got invited to stay as resident DJ at “XALLY BAR”, and early captivated the region audience with the genre “Electro”. Over the time, he gather more experiences in other club’s, such as KISS Disco (Albufeira, Portugal), KADOC Disco (Vilamoura, Portugal), Prensa Club (Braga, Portugal), Liberto’s Club (Albufeira, Portugal), or even THE ROOM (Beja, Portugal). It would be KISS Disco that eventually surrendered to the talent of Homixide, eventually becoming Resident DJ of one of the biggest venues in Portugal (2010-2013). However, João Martins wanted to evolve each day and so, began to explore new music genres wanting to escape the “mainstream” and commercial that have emerged in to the electronic world. Curiosity increased, and he would eventually discover a “new passion”. Coupled with the new project “Club Vida” (2014) , which was Resident Dj for two years, João Martins began investing in sonorities linked to Tech House / Techno, which he new he wanted to pursue. For the same reason, João Martins decided to creat a new alter-ego. With the idea of creating an image related to those sonorities, was born JAY MARTIN. Jay Martin is his most abstract side, darker side, which will certainly present us with great set’s, as we are used to it.
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