Jason Daði Guðjónsson (IS)

Speaker (Co-Founder, Overtune)

Jason Daði is Overtune’s youngest co-founder, born in 2000. He holds the position of Chief of Marketing.

Jason is responsible for overseeing the brand’s cultural impact, building key relationships with new audiences and partners as Overtune expands into distinct new markets.

In 2016, at the age of 16, Jason Co-Founded Iceland’s Hip Hop Hatidin (EN: The Hip Hop Festival), an annual music festival that took place 4 times in Reykjavik with thousands of attendees each year.

In 2020 he Co - Founded Overtune, a mobile app where anyone can create musical content in a matter of minutes. Arrange music loops, add your voice with various filters and record your video. From there you can share your video straight to social media.No musical background or experience is needed.

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