Jarri van der Haegen (BE)

Speaker (Disco Naïvité)

Jarri Van der Haegen, who initially started his career as a lawyer, but chose to dedicate his time to music, started his career in 2009 as a part-time blogger for his own buzz blog Disco Naïveté. The blog focused on internet pop and enabled Jarri to discover artists like Lana Del Rey and Years & Years long before anyone else. Jarri is praised for his scouting talent by the New York Times. His remarkable eye for talent has helped his platform grow and has delivered him multiple opportunities, like showcasing his program at SXSW. Since Disco Naïveté has expanded as much as it has, Jarri is no longer just a blogger. He’s now also a music consultant for multiple artists and label manager for his own Disco Naïveté label. Now ten years later, this buzz blog has grown out to be one of the most sought-after stamps of approval in the world of quality pop with Jarri as the full-time business manager.

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