Jane Doe (NL)

An unknown, upcoming, female dj, were the three main ingredients for the name “Jane Doe” that was supposed to represent her 13 years ago at age 16. In the year 2006, the name Jane Doe took her in a different direction. She felt, loved and became hip hop, when not knowing music was her teacher all along. Real music became the creator of her skills she owns today without even possessing decks over the past years. “Creating beautiful music is a true art”, she says. Jane Doe’s strong love for music, mixed with her passion for the craft are two motivational forces that lay the foundation for a long term career - in a field saturated with individuals whose sole drive is only based on what’s “hot”. Radiant beauty and a charismatic smile is what audiences see every time this young talent plays “their favorite tune”, her track selection and keen ability to adjust to the mood of the room is a skill that can be considered a gift as opposed to learnt. Jane Doe, although “unknown” on various plateaus, she can definitely rise to the challenge and command the attention of the “big boys”.
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