James Bayliss (CA)

James Bayliss, a name not unknown to the Hardstyle community both in Canada and abroad. It all started 6 years ago when James first touched his first pair of vinyl turntables. Almost immediately after he started he was picked up by what was then and still is the biggest promotional company in the country. Boodang Music Canada. In the days when House and Trance were king, James Bayliss was constantly told to "switch styles" if he wanted to play more, and that Hardstyle "would never take off". James proved them wrong, and to date has been widely considered the "Godfather" of Hardstyle in Canada, and is priased by some of biggest names in the Hardstyle world for his efforts in building a scene for the harder styles in Canada. In addition to his success on the decks, James can also be heard on Q-Dance Radio every month with his featured show "The Polar Express" Today James Bayliss can be seen either on the decks or behind his studio computer. Knowing that he has done his job for the harder styles scene in Canada, he now pushes to promote his own career further into the realm of Hardstyle superhero's. Building a scene for Hardstyle was only the beginning for James. So keep a close eye on him. As the pace is only going to go faster and further for this young man.
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