Juliana X (NL)


Juliana X could easily be considered the Netherlands' best-kept secret in the realm of house music. This dynamic Brazilian artist was raised in Friesland and made the bold move to Rotterdam three years ago, all in pursuit of elevating her career as a DJ.

She has garnered a reputation for her electrifying performances, seamlessly blending the historical essence of Chicago house with rhythms that could rival the intensity of Detroit Techno. Her formative years were steeped in eurodance and gabber, so it's no wonder that traces of acid music permeate her exhilarating techno sets. Equally captivating are the soulful diva acappellas and gritty ghetto vocals she effortlessly weaves into her mixes, a testament to her deep-rooted connection with hip-hop. Just like her, hip-hop is genuine, and together with house, they serve as vehicles for expression and social impact—this is the essence of Juliana's artistic mission: sharing narratives with her audience.

Juliana embodies the spirit of house—a celebration of diversity and unity. She wholeheartedly dedicates herself to bolstering underrepresented communities within the dance scene, including people of color, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and women, through her DJ performances and various initiatives. One such endeavor is her role as co-organizer of the club concept Zuperstition.

Her stage has graced some of the Netherlands' most prestigious venues, including Radion, Toffler, Melkweg, Paradiso, Club Basis, and Now&Wow. However, her musical odyssey transcends nightclub boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on a diverse array of festivals, including Welcome To The Village, Ploegendienst, Solar, Milkshake Festival, Zwarte Cross, and many more.

With a global vision to spread her love for house and pay homage to the pioneers of house and techno, Juliana effortlessly crafts a fusion of nostalgic, feel-good sets within a contemporary framework.

website: https://www.julianax.com

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