Danny Howells (GB)

Danny's been around for bloody ages .. a bit too long actually, although he still has his own hair, albeit slowly greying, and can still squeeze into his favourite 32 inch waist flares on a good day. He plays other people's records all over the place (and occasionally some of his own), sometimes he does it well, other times not so well, but he tries his absolute best and always has the best time in the world and encourages you to join him, cheers! He has a record label called Dig Deeper which is fabulous, has done lots of compilations and is generally pretty damn ace. He's not one of those DJs who wins awards or anything that's worth boasting about here, but don't let that put you off. His favourite TV show is Coronation Street closely followed by Eastenders and he's currently on the lookout for someone to write a decent biography for him.
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