Jack In The Box (TR)

It is fairly common to see clashing personalities and tastes in duos, and that’s exactly what turns bland into bright and cool. and fun. Jack in the Box is Efe G & Batu Dal’s first project, which proved to be nothing short of booming. Nurtured by the duo’s contrasting yet strong skills, Jack in the Box became the most demanded act in town in a very short period of time. Just their co-founders, Jack in the Box has evolved into a mature performance in time. Three years into their journey together, Efe and Batu left their beginner titles behind and settled well into the electronic music scene after countless gigs in all over the country, plus several international ones. They now have an established sound, which can be best described as of bass driven, fresh underground beats. Yet the main ingredient is always and (literally) fine-tuned by the experiences they accumulate over time. Their sound fluctuates between melancholia and euphoria, keeping the fans on their toes, not knowing what may come out next. Having performed alongside with many important names, hosting many international acts, Jack in the Box is en route to better and better. With one leg in Berlin and the other in Istanbul, the duo's collaborative vibe is surely reflecting on their music. While Efe is collecting new ideas and experiences in Berlin, Batu is in Istanbul, keeping the fort safe and they keep on constantly trying out new sounds with various machinery. The love child of the experiment, their last EP “Journey/What I Want” on May 18th, 2015 from Save Room Records. Keep an eye on these kids, cause you never know what is gonna come out of the Box.
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