Jacco@Work (NL)

Jacco@Work is a DJ and Producer, currently based in Dordrecht (The Netherlands). He has been DJing since 1991. As a DJ of many tastes, Jacco@Work has never been satisfied to simply rely on playing the big clubs tunes, instead staying dedicated to pushing forward his true passion, Progressive House. He strives to make every set he plays as fresh and diverse as possible. Jacco@Work’s producers career really took off when he produced the track called Manhattan Skyline back in June 2006. It took a while before this track found a good place for release on Bellarine Recordings, but ever since it went rapidly for him. With a box full of releases and remixes coming up on Bellarine Recordings, Reticent Recordings, Magnolia Digital, Resurgent Records, Bit Records, Swordtail Records, Carica Records and Carica Deep Records, Morphosis Records, LuPS Records, Panda Recordings, Festival Lounge, Mistique Music, Mistique Digital, Neurosience Deep, OLD SQL Records etc the future looks promising for Jacco@Work.
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