IULIANA is a Moldavian Dj, singer and record producer of House, Bass House, Progressive and Electronic dance music, based in Milano and Amsterdam. She is one of those people one can’t easily forget. With a persona that effortlessly impacts everyone in the audience, artistry she makes her one of the most exhilarating, fun and overall enchanting up and coming artists today. While donning multiple hats of Dj, Producer, Model, Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter. In 2015, IULIANA released her single “Flyin’ So High” by Pirames International, written and produced by Italian artist, and Iuliana herself, introduces her rich blend of influences which moulded her career into a blossoming treat! She was truly flying so high so much, that she found herself literally thrown on stage, playing on night events and clubs all around the world, just to name a few: The Beach, Magriffe, Studio54, Palazzo Martini, Kelu, Maracaibo, Cost, Mojo, Club N129, Akhnaton, and many more. With a lot of experience in industry of music, and professional appearances, IULIANA has become the goto artist worldwide. In 2018 she started new collaboration with Florin Nedelcu (Live Artist Romania) and artist Zion Rock in a new single "FIRE FLAME", signed by major: Warner Music Group, Lanoy Production and The Orchard. "FIRE FLAME" is right now on TOP charts Shazam. IULIANA always seeks to create unique sounds that explore beyond the horizonts.
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