Iris van der Meule (NL)

Speaker (Digital Artist & Director)

Iris van der Meule is a digital artist & director. With a bachelor (with honors) and master degree in animation she grew a fascination for virtual reality and educated herself in creating interactive VR experiences. She mainly works with socially relevant topics. In her work she combines these thematics with VR storytelling and she researches new ways to experience stories and share perspectives with one another. With a broad interest in animation, illustration, coding, interactivity and sound, Iris experiments with various disciplines in her work. Her graduation project 'Pitch Black', a VR monument for the MH17 plane crash, was nominated for a Gold Calf Interactive at the Dutch Film Festival in 2020. At this moment she is working on her debute project 'Gay Simulator, a VR experience about lesbian culture and the present-day discrimination and homophobia against lesbians.

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