Illuminati AMS (NL)

Hailing from Amsterdam, the unique spirit of their hometown is ever-present in Illuminati AMS’ endeavors, providing a fresh style and perspective that is evident in all their work. Best known as music producers and performers, their abilities stretch beyond the sonic, into fashion, events and art. Collectively, their look, aesthetic and creativity is something the industry is always seeking. As musicians, the group crosses genres through a unique mix of influences, never confined to traditional barriers. Accompanying countless original productions, the group has also remixed for A-Trak, Tommy Sunshine, Zebra Katz, Brenmar, Chromeo, and Party Squad. As performers, they have shared the stage with Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, Lunice and more, in venues around the world. And as fashion icons they have worked with Jeremy Scott, Chanel, Milk Studios, Phillip Lim and recently previewed a limited edition Illuminati AMS apparel line, releasing in 2014.
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Previous editions –
    2014 & 2012

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