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Ettore Angrisani Aka Highest Sound Levels, DJ and producer of electronic music, was born in Naples on August 15, 1977. Son of musicians, began at an early approach to the study of musical instruments at the age of 6 years, pursuing studies of classical music as a violinist until the age of 14. Already in the 80s, feeling strongly attracted to the electronic sounds of Brian Eno, Alan Parsons, Jean Michel Jarre, he realizes that his artistic predisposition is much more compatible with those scenarios sound. In the early 90s, the decisive turning, when he discovers the first sounds House Music especially from London and Chicago and spends entire nights listening to programs on mixed Italian broadcasters like Radio Kiss Kiss Network and Italy, and systematically recognizes himself in that creative concept. So begins to deepen the djing and then buries his passion in the techniques of turntablism, while keeping constant the study of other musical instruments such as electric guitar, bass and synthesizers. His sound reflects his training and in fact can be defined as an eclectic mix, including the house, the electronics and endless possibilities for additional stylistic influences, including in particular the minor harmonies of the blues. He proposed over time his DJ sets in several Italian clubs, including the Baia Imperiale, former Baia Degli Angeli, The Gradisca of Perugia, the Metropolis of Naples, The Chalet delle Rose in Bologna, and many others, and has also worked as artistic director of the events signed by Jayculture.com, one of the most important portals of the national club culture. In 2008 he published with the alias Hector Dreamer "New Eternity" his first ep for Headzone Record, historical label of Massimo Vivona and immediately receives European approval on the originality and quality of content. From 2009 to 2010 publishes always like Hector Dreamer, several works for Sharad Records, with which he participated as a founding member. Tracks such as "Not Connected" also come in the playlists of British artists such as Daveneeq, founder of the international circuit of podcasts "Death techno". In 2012 he founded with his all time partner Joe Demateis, the record label Highest Levels Sound Recordings, where he expresses fully and unconditionally their musical inspirations. The published works are regularly appreciated by some of the most respected and significant club music researchers, like Ron Trent, Claudio Coccoluto, Mathias Schaffhauser, Dj Ralf, Copper, Dr Motte, Jay Tripwire, Paolo Zampetti, John Barber, Stefano Albanese, Ralph Falcon, Cristiano Vincenzini, Guillaume Flamen , Diego Broggio, Layo & Bushwacka and many other great Djs.
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