Hercules & Love Affair (US)

The new Hercules cast is impeccable. John Grant was first into the fold and unearthed a new way for Andy to record. His sexy tomcat voice and the lyrical ability for translating hardship into elegance lent themselves greatly to the new album and the collaboration ʻI Try To Talk To Youʼ is an album highlight, future single and uniquely Hercules.. Another tremendous voice was found in the chameleon Rouge Mary, backstage at a Hercules show in Paris, looking “like a member of Fields of the Nephilim” in a floor-length trenchcoat, wide-brimmed hat, and heels. Rouge showcases a deep, fierce, spiritual voice found through a gospel education, with a look found through a degree in New Romanticism. Similarly, Andy encountered Belgian singer Gustaph at a live gig. He has that perfect mezzo-soprano voice that can handle a whole Sylvester vibe. On the first EP from the new album, Gustav heralds the acid pop-house masterpiece, ‘Do You Feel The Same?’. And rounding out the vocalists is the smoky-voiced virtuoso Krystle Warren. John Grant had introduced Andy to Krystle’s voice on a Youtube clip of her singing her own immortal heartbreak classic ‘Circles’. Tears ensued, with an inquiry as to who this crooner was. In Andy’s words, “Two months later Krystle was in Vienna, and we were working together in what has been one of the most loaded musical relationships of my life.”
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