Henjo (NL)

Henjo Hielkema is a long time techno producer with a spectacle of a live set with strictly his own productions. Henjo orchestrates a family of synthesizers, home soldered gadgets and percussive instruments while playing keys and manipulating his own voice. Among other things, Henjo has performed in a cage with dancers wearing Mexican wrestling masks and all sorts of crazy stuff. Combine that with his arsenal of gear and you have yourself a show. The music veers from soulful & instrumental to experimental and hard hitting dark stuff. Expect solid grooves, 4 to the floor, with an artistic and experimental vibe. The live set is typically an hour, 2 hours maximum. Henjo typically requires a 2-meter table for his gear: • X32 mixer • Modular synth • Moog Sub37 synth • Access Virus synth • Laptop • Controllers: Push 2, Livid, Beatstep
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Previous editions –
    2018 & 2017

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