Headstrong (GB)

Don Jackson aka 'Headstrong' is one of the fastest rising stars in the Dance Music scene and is also a prolific song writer. The new Headstrong album 'Timeless (Part1) has already hit radio 1 . Headstrong's latest releases have been massive globally and Don now finds himself working with the top singers and names in the industry with top new tunes released on the album. Discovered by the brilliant Judge Jules, all Headstrong tunes and songs have recieved massive radio support from BBC Radio 1, Galaxy FM, Kiss FM and radio stations globally. Don has recently teamed up with the legendary 'Waterboys', Plus Kirsty Hawkshaw, Inaya Day, Andrea Britton, Shelley Harland, David West, and Tiff Lacey to make some awesome new music for 2011. With fantastic reviews in all the top magazines and websites the future looks more than bright for this talented song writer. His Dance Music has been firmly supported by the top 3 dj's in the world Armin van buuren, PVD & Tiesto plus support from Paul Oakenfold, Gabriel & Dresdon & Markus Shultz to name but a few. Don has also unleashed acoustic material and other genres of Dance music to show his versatility and passion for music in general. We will keep you posted here for all the major new releases and forthcoming new Albums. 'Watch out for the hits'
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