Greg Beato (US)

According to the man himself, we have the much-maligned internet to thank for the music of Greg Beato getting picked up for release by Apron and L.I.E.S. last year. All four 12″s issued in 2013 bearing the the young Miami-based producer’s name showed that Beato was capable of crafting the kind of tripped out dancefloor material many veteran artists would be jealous of (not to mention his strong grip on memorable track titles). This impression transfers to Beato’s record playing skills, with the official L.I.E.S. tagline that he ”DJs like a seasoned veteran who has been in the trenches fighting the fight for a long time” more than re-emphasised on his mix for Juno Plus. Clocking in at 75 minutes long, Beato skilfully runs through all manner of unidentifiable techno and electro on a mix that’s been getting some serious repeat plays in our office.
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