Gigi Testa (IT)

Born in a family where music was the ordinary meal, Gigi Testa started to collect music when he was a teenager, absorbing all the rhythms and melodies coming from his family room (such as Dire Straits and Pino Daniele) like a sponge cloth. Gigi started mixing music at 13 years old with 2 tapes using pre recorded cassettes. Shortly after, he bought his first mixer and turntables and started mixing his father's old vinyls like Earth Wind and Fire, Pink Floyd, Mick Jagger and Fela Kuti. His inspiration for the music scene and clubbing come from worldwide cultural influences and the New York City clubbing scene. Gigi began performing at his friend's private parties in apartments, which were called "dancing rooms", spinning music from afternoon until late at night. Over the years his music concept was a step by step formation, building his own sound playing in all the best clubs in his hometown Naples, where he founded his party along with his music community, Neuhm. Spreading the right and new energy to the new generation, he began to travel all over the World performing and representing the “Neuhm Language” around the globe. He Produced hits such as "Anikulapo" and "Vandam Night" on Tribe records in 2015. Learning more about music every day during his 360°degrees worldwide travels and performances, Gigi generated his philosophy of World Music. The connection between all different music genres to its respective culture language and religion. It generated the necessity to found World Peace Music. WPM comes from the concept of world music, namely a deep approach to music, without any restrictions or categories. It focusses on an absolute opening, both, mental and physical, towards all categories, from past to present generated by it. WPM’s main purpose is to connect both music and culture from all around the world in one universal language, both of them have always conditioned our life over the years. “Chango Chant” is the first release on WPM , inspired a lot from all the different New York City neighbors, he produced ”Love Lights” as first single on WPM, along with the gospel legend Kenny Bobien. “Music is a simple soul expression” .
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