Fumee Grise (DE)

fumée grise, ou en anglais: grey smoke. An alias, which seems to be perfectly fitting for the "grey one". It's an hommage to his first club experiences, which have heen shaped by darkness and a lot of smoke. It's a symbol for the intangible and the "unknown in the music" that touches you and makes you dance. And it's also a nod to all the french labels which remarkably shape the sound of fumée grise. The aforementioned "unknown in the music" has a big influence on the music choice of fumée grise. He always tries to present to his audience something new and unknown, wether it's the vinyl diamonds from his crate digging in the record stores or the unreleased demos and promo version which he oversees during his work as labelmanager for various labels. This "goal of the unknown" is approached by playing different kinds of House music, without losing the focus on other styles, the dancefloor or the audience.
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