Full Crate & Mar (NL)

Full Crate and Mar are on the international forefront of progressive electronic music. They have been friends since high school, sharing the same passion. Crate has studied classical piano and started dj-ing at a young age. Mar was raised in a musical family and started drumming at the age of 5. Since the buzz, which started in 2009 with their independent free release of -She was Fly- which later became part of their debut ep entitled -Conversations With Her-, Crate and Mar have worked and performed with artists such as Eric Roberson, Erykah Badu, Mark Pritchard, Electric Wire Hustle, Seiji, The Park, Daru Jones and Jesse Boykins III to name a few and made remixes for Chris Turner, Athony Valadez and Steve Reich. In 2011 Full Crate and Mar played sold out shows from New York City to London and performed at venues in New Jersey, Cologne, Lithuania, Toronto, Hamburg, Washington DC, Madrid, Brussels, Berlin, Warsaw and Montreal. Both having a recent solo EP to their name, Crate s -Golden Glasses- and Mar s -Seeing Her Naked-, they are currently working on their full length album which will release later this year.
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