Freek Braspenning (NL)

At a young age became influenced by drawing, skateboarding, music, movies and graffiti. By the age of 23 started an art gallery called Punct in the city of Tilburg, the gallery ran from 2001 till 2005 and became the European centre of street-art and graffiti exhibitions. Heavily influenced by this period and partying, the combination of these two resulted in a career as a VJ. Moving images and music found to be the golden combo. In the year 2003 the collective Kijkbuiskinderen also known as KBK Visuals, was founded and took off. By the year 2005 it was possible to make a living out of this and done so ever since. Many festivals, residencies and shows followed while gaining more experience and a great group of artists joined the team. At the moment KBK Visuals consist of a great team of VJ's, animators, production managers and so on. Whilst touring the world with different artists and promotors, like ALDA Events, ID&T, Awakenings and Hardwell, the collective is also still doing a great amount of shows in their home country such as Dance Valley, Lowlands, Soenda, Ground Zero, Q-base etc. etc.
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