Francis Ross (IT)

Angel Messina, from Torino (Italy), DJ and producer evolving, is always looking for new targets and complicated challenges, full of pitfalls, of emotions, experiencing common paths inventing innovative languages. Strength and perseverance are his Achilles heel, along with a strong dose of determination and communication skills, able to achieve success. His music, born from the metallic sound, cold, hard and battery engaging, musical instrument, where his user ability remains overwhelming, so it will always be part of his being. Experience this world of techno at the age of 14, where he always empathizes more, not only the technology, but also to Deep, Techouse music. He sounds and is a guest in many clubs in Piedmont, La Gare, (TO), Switchboard (TO), Jam (TO), Doctor sax (TO), Two (VR) MAIGAD (TO), Chalet (TO), Mock (TO),Lab(TO) and many more outside Piedmont from 2006 to 2016, not only as an artist but also as an organizer and trainer of events, cooperating with societies and organizations known as Pigalle, Insaund, Circoloco, To-night, Reload event and The Vibe. The its goal, will always remain temperance to know how to involve and excite his audience where has all the love for music.
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