Fran Bortolossi (BR)

The south is the perfect place for fans of electronic music in Brazil. The culture of clubs and festivals has developed tremendously throughout the last decade and Fran Bortolossi stands out as one of the main characters responsible for this growth, as well as one of its most talented artists. Francisco began playing in 2006 in the region known as Serra Gaucha, after growing up surrounded by music: his mother is a pianist and has been a major influence in Fran’s understanding of his great passion. In 2009, the DJ started to promote and DJ in parties dedicated to the music he and his friends were into, and this is how COLOURS was born, nowadays a label party of major importance, which has held more than 40 editions between Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. In addition to the events that made him acknowledged by the peers in his country, Fran’s talent is also seen as a DJ: his residence of more than five years at the Havana club in Caxias do Sul has given him experience that led his to play in major festivals such as XXXperience and Winter Festival, as well as Brazilian clubs like D-Edge, Warung and Vibe. Today he can be proud of his residencies at SAVE Club and Amazon. As a music producer, alongside fellow DJ and producer Vini Ferreira, Fran started in 2013 the "BigPacGang" project, a band that have already signed a remix for Belgian musicians LouLou Players and Kolombo.
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