Florinsz Janvier (NL)

The mystical creature Florinsz Janvier entered into existence when a reel of unfinished film was stolen during a studio fire. The reel was long considered lost in flames, but has recently resurfaced, sparking rumours about a New World Order conspiracy forging super-artists from the remains of discarded work by acclaimed creators. Flo, Flore, or most commonly Florinsz, depending on the origin of the lore, was designed as a modern-day minstrel with several super-human abilities. He is said to practice transcendental psychology through his music, and can tweak the structure of audible frequencies to transmit neurological brain commands. This allows him to steer the thoughts and actions of anyone within earshot. As a youngster, Florinsz was often bullied, as he had not learned to control his abilities completely. He wasn’t able to make friends, and only scared the people around him. Growing up, he discovered that the key to using his powers was not to control his buddies completely, but merely to nudge them into the desired state of mind. This nudging proved to be highly addictive, both for Florinsz and his subjects, and soon resulted in a vast amount of devotees. Florinsz developed the ability to channel energy towards his disciples. To filter out the negative and share only the music with the highest positive potential, much like a medicine man entrancing and curing the members of his community, and predicting the ways of the future. He named his community of followers SEKOIA, and it has been growing bigger and bigger since. From that moment on, Florinsz equips his power solely for doing good. He produces and plays neurologically altered house music that urges not only the brain but every vein in a body to open up, to let the intensity of soul and melody with playful euphoria or vigorous melancholy remove the clots from the blood and cleanse the clouded conscience. It is an experience of purification described by some as close to holy, though based on intersections of science and emotion.
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