Ferry (IR)

DJ Ferry is one of the most celebrated DJs and producers in Tehran’s underground night scene. With 15 years experience in playing and over 5 years in producing his own music, he is accounted as one of the most seasoned nightlife figures in Iran. In the not too distant past, putting the words DJ and Iran in the same sentence was unimaginable. In a country where nightlife, as we most know it, is banned; and where clubs and bars are non-existent, DJs and electronic music had no place to claim existence. DJ Ferry was one of the very first who changed that reality. A Mining engineer by profession, with a passion for music on the side. Motivated by his love of music, he started playing in underground music scenes. But what started out as an innocent hobby, soon turned into a fanatic obsession and a life-long commitment and eventually creating an underground electro-music culture, which became increasingly popular among young Iranians. Since then, DJ Ferry has surpassed many milestones with many achievements already behind him. He was one of the first producers residing in Iran to sign his music with major labels such as BluFin, Natura Viva, Zoo:Technique, Suburban Tracks; he launched the first and the only record label of this genre in Iran “Shibiza Recordings”, with the hope to show another face of his country to the world. And what a beat-full face it showed! For many, it was no big surprise when he was voted “Best DJ in Iran” in a public pole on Facebook, in which over 10,000 people participated.
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