Fernando de Matos (PT)


Fernando De Matos started at a very young age to play in various
clubs in Geneva. His experience on the electronic techno scene in
the heart of Europe exposed him to rich experiences which
elevated and fined his tastes for electronic beats. He is a real
chameleon, his sets are unique end miscellaneous with an eclectic
touch that makes it possible to shift in between various techno
styles like Indie Dance; Melodic techno or Peak time. The unique
leitmotiv of his music brings to light love passion and high spirits.
As a performer he brought his sets and kicked the dance floor with
a powerful balanced music defined by melodic, energic end force
tune. He played in diverse clubs in all Europa and venues like
Goya Social club in Madrid, Nada Temple in Lisbon, L’Industrie in
Geneva. He is well known in European cities such as Barcelona,
Lyon, , Warsaw or Montpelier ...
He will also perform this year at ADE (50:Hertz) and on 15 january
at KIT KAT in Berlin and start 9 february till 25 february In Latam
Fernando produced tracks for labels such as Iamt, ThreeRecords,
,Gain records or Stil vor talent.
2023 is the year of ambitions, refreshment, and diversion.
Fernando will delight us with his new sparkling EP in Indie Dance
Melodic Techno and Peaktime.

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