FemmeTastic (NL)

When Femmetastic was just a little femme, she already enjoyed dancing and playing instruments. While growing up music was a big part of her life, but still, she had the feeling that something was missing. After growing into a young adolescent, she was surprised to see that there were a few female DJ’s ruling the nightclubs. As an independent female with a strong personality and determination she took matters into her own hands and decided to learn the basics of DJ’ing from DJ Fresh. After spending months of practicing she started performing at house parties, birthdays and then made the big step to her first club gig. After her first gig in the Hollywood Music Hall (Rotterdam). All of the partypeople were instantly hooked to her energetic sexy dirty urban set and the rest is history. After that everything went upwards. She blessed the biggest venues in Holland and Surinam with her dirty urban sets, and is a regular seen face at festivals like Milkshake. This young gorgeous lady is most definitely rolling with the big boys as she made it to the semi-finals of the FunX DJ battles 2018 and was surrounded by talented men only. Just released her first single ‘Pandewa’ and has big plans for 2019. Femmetastic is here to stay!
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