FeestDJRuud (NL)

Artist & Speaker
FeestDJRuud. Does prove a point about being too serious. Plays about anything on stage, literally. Back and forth between credible, totally not credible and incredible drops. Mainstage EDM meets underground meets German Schlager pop meets festival trap meets carnivalton. Without a single fuck given, sends pretty well blended crowds straight into a frenzy. Every time. This party maniac usually comes on stage with air horns, confetti canons, inflatable animals, boats and what not. And worked his way up as a household name on every festival in Holland. Probably isn’t essentially about music as much as it is about atmosphere. The party. Or in his native (Dutch) tongue, ‘Feest’ as a concept. So there you go. FeestDJRuud
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Previous editions –
    2016, 2015 & 2014