Farhad (IR)

Farhad was born and raised in 1983 in Tehran (THE LAND OF REAL UNDERGROUND MUSIC- in a family who are beloved and belonged to music. In 60's 70's his father had his own Vinyl Store! Farhad started to collect music since he was 9 years old. Of course it was only Cassettes & Vinyl in those days! Taking good care of'em, playing and enjoying them everyday for himself and his friends! He was 18 when he bought his first DJ mixer and players!! Downloading music with DIAL UP INTERNET CONNECTION!!!! Sometimes it took 1 night for a few new tracks to download in those days! After all he ended up in Oslo-Norway which he lives there right now and he's part of the music family in this region! He travels with his music, and from northern Norway to south he's been busy with gigs. In Oslo he's playing in famous places like: Elephant (Skansen) , Sosialen, Uhørt, Cafe Sør, Sirkus, MIR, Oslo Musikkfest and many other places. Meanwhile he plays for some famous brands like YSL, CHANEL, C-DIOR, HUGO BOSS and BIOTHERM when they have a fashion show or a new product to launch! For playing music he traveled to many countries and he've made an amazing network of great people in music industry! He has been playing alongside some great names in the industry. These lineups helped him to build a spiritually relationship with amazing artists who became friends! Artists like: Dennis Ferrer , OST&KJEX, Finebassen, Eric Small, Marco Lys, Martijn Ten Velden, Jorn Jorgensen, Farshad Kay, Olle Abstract, Geir G-Ha, DJ Fardin, INKFISH, Pornopoltergeist, DJ Ferry , Chris Carrera, Tina V , DADA DISCO...! He's more focused on producing Deep and Melodic Techno , Deep House and Deep Tech. Supporting labels : (SHIBIZA RECORDINGS-ELEFANT-SMALL RECORDS)
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