Ewa Pepper (PL)


Violinist Ewa Pepper is not your typical musician. Her style of expression is improvisation over a range of genres. Through the fingers of Ewa, the violin has the freedom to live and breathe in new and dynamic ways, becoming an audio extension of her soul. Assume her fundamental understanding of any piece of music; and then expect the unexpected. Whatever the genre, Ewa will absorb, understand, reconfigure, transform and deliver it through the beauty of the violin.

Ewa’s activity in the music industry reflects her vibrant style and has resulted in exciting collaborations with cutting edge musicians, appearances on highly regarded recorded works, as well as numerous formal appearances.

Since December 2018 Ewa has been recording violin parts and violin improvisations for Dr. Peacock. In May 2019 she joined his live concept - Peacock in Concert.

A recent highlight is her performance at Defqon.1, where she improvised to a DJ set played by DANSOR.

From lounge to hardcore.
The diversity keeps her going.

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