Enrico Fuerte (NL)

As a young kid Enrico was always busy with all sorts of music, played by his father on tapes in the car or at home.
After he heard the well-known track 'Oxygen' by Jean Michel Jarre he was sold on electronic music.
Recording radio shows with electronic music, or putting all the tracks together in one mix on his tape player, became a hobby at an early age.
Years later Enrico decided to play the tracks he liked the most, and these became his first recordings.
Shopping for vinyl in and outside of Europe through the internet or in record stores was how he frequently spent his time to find the right tracks for his DJ sets.
As his music evolved the sound became more and more Techno related and especially the dark and explosive kind of Techno.
Sending some demo's to a few party organisations was an initiative that worked out very well. Enrico got a few good gigs alongside a couple of very big names in the industry and played in some big clubs, like Escape in Amsterdam and Cafe d'Anvers in Antwerp, Belgium.
Creating a performance is all about emotion on the stage for Enrico. 
Interacting with the crowd , feeling the mood and energy they send to the stage, make them want more, and keep them dancing - that is what an Enrico Fuerte performance is all about.
Early in 2012 Enrico wanted to expand his musical boundaries, which is why he became a producer as well as a DJ.
With no production experience at all, Enrico puts his skill and knowledge of all the kinds of music he likes to play into the tracks he produces, and still creates his own personal Techno sound.

Within the first year of producing he has had releases on albums and 3 EP's on a couple of labels he liked and supported when he was a DJ.
As he gains more knowledge and experience in producing music, his tracks are getting more and more support and feedback from many well-known DJ’s.
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