Elif (TR)


The powerhouse from the cultural hub of Istanbul in Turkey, Elif is truly a force to take
notice of. Her consummate calmness in the booth is a stark contrast to the frenzy she
kicks up on the other side. Her versatile sets deliver each and every time, creating a
unique, almost one to one connection with her audience, as much of a storyteller as
an artist and one that you can’t help but be drawn into. Elif’s trademark sound of
flowing melodic floor fillers perfectly translate her emotion and intention, pulling you
between hypnotic drum patterns, coupled intricate arps and synths, expertly held
together with thumping kicks and driving bass lines, her selections are both thought
provoking and timeless. Showcasing her diversity & ability in the studio with releases
on Stil vor Talent, Anjunadeep and many more, she plays on some of the most
revered platforms around the world, from South Africa to Turkey, Mexico to India,
North America to Spain, adapting her sound to wherever scenario she finds herself
in. Her continual rise to sit amongst her peers is so rightly deserved, one of the
industry's most exciting and capable artists, and this is just the start …x

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