Eli Iwasa (BR)


Moving dance floors in ours and far away galaxies for 15 years, Eli Iwasa is a DJ as a whole. Her refined sensibility leads not only to a profound understanding of her audience but to a constant musical renovation tuned in with her astral times. She's updated, but has never abandoned her references – how could he possibly forget seven years conducting the stellar Technova party at Lov.e Club, an essential spot in Brazilian's music history.

Just like Patti Smith and PJ Harvey, strong women who are her most significant inspirations in life, Eli is multiform: sidereal artist, a businesswoman owning Club 88, in Campinas, and curator of her radio show. It's a journey towards infinity, irradiating energy wherever she goes.

A combination of vast repertory and dexterous mixing can make a good DJ. But in this constellation of musical devotees who perform throughout the universe, a few luminous points shine brighter. They are focuses of pulsating light, attracting celestial bodies wherever they go. Those who see them play are taken by their enlightenment, not knowing exactly why – and when they least expect, their bodies start moving, their eyes close unwittingly, and under this collective musical torpor, they smile.

Recently, her desire for artistic expression has led her to create the band Bleeping Sauce together with Marco A.S. (ex-Click-Box). There, she sings her lyrics amidst techno kicks and electric guitars, these newest reverberating times when she spent day after day at Galeria do Rock, in São Paulo, looking for post-punk and synth-pop releases or, maybe, the latest rarity just-arrived from Japan.

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