Element (BR)

Born in 1983, in São Paulo, Marco Lisa aka ELEMENT, started his journey into electronic music in 1996 through the sound of Chemical Brothers, Besatie Boys, Patife, Marky, Anderson Noise, among others that rocked the night clubs in São Paulo. Following the line that was being played at that time, he threw himself deep into the Techno wave, which not only took over the city but also was extremely expanded bringing out many artists that were recognised earlier as mere supporting players in that scene. Five years late, finally his senses were taken by the surrounding atmosphere of the progressive beat of Psychedelic Trance. In the year of 2010, ELEMENT emerged in Brazil with shows, jobs and impressive numbers. passionate, critic and studious, Marco remember his inputs and put into practice all the years of research, dedication and passion on his mixed sets with unique skills and proper identity. Not so long, in 2013 he decides to open the DM7 Bookings, in partnership with Diogo Andrade (Q.U.A.K.E), becoming the biggest PsyTrance agency in the country 1 year after that. One of the most influent and respected artist in Brazil, his works have already reached more than 1.5 million of plays and downloads in his Soundcloud, Youtube Channel and on his Official FanPage on Facebook, being one of the biggest from Brasil with more than 220.000 members. Element being a highlighted for all of the biggest events of Brazil, like Tribe, XXXPerience, Universo Paralello, Soulvision, Samsara, Electrance, Kaballah, Alien Trip, Mandallah, Chemical Music Festival, Shivanéris, Earthdance, Tomorrowland, in addition to becoming the official Tribaltech resident artist, one of the most acclaimed events in Brazil. All this facts and actions together made possible for ELEMENT to fast conduct international partnerships, conquering the respect of the biggest icons from the world.
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