Edwin Rutgers (NL)

The radio DJ played at a club in Bergen (NL) on the weekends and bought his music at the Attalos shop in Amsterdam. Inspired, Edwin bought his first house record in 1986 : “Jack your body” by Farley "Jackmaster" Funk. That record, and the rest are house history. With by now a large collection of records in his bag, Edwin and DJ Jos organised the first “303” party in 1992. It was the prelude to a string of parties in the Utrecht area that Edwin rocked with his swinging sound. The next year Edwin was offered a Friday night residence at the newly opened club Shiva in Utrecht. Playing alongside many illustrious big name DJs, he quickly gained a reputation for completely taking the roof off. This success led to him being invited to run the after-club night at Latido in Zaandaam every month. After the birth of his daughter in 1998, Edwin’s turntables fell silent for a while, but when he is given a MIDI controller for his birthday in 2010, the itch to play again returned. Nowadays Edwin plays deep house, house and progressive house. Enjoy his beat ...
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