Eduward is a real creative person and grew up with music. His mother used to sing too and passed these genes on to him. After meeting his good friend James Watss, Eduward took music seriously. He met James at the Front Runner where he previously worked. Since then, they have been making songs together and Eduward has also started making songs himself.

You might know him from the songs “Mi Manera”, “Nice going” and “Crush”. In the future Eduward would like to work with a good female singer and with a foreign artist. He thinks it would be a great challenge to work with an artist whose music is not yet so popular in the Netherlands.

Eduward mainly gets inspiration from situations in his own life and the people around him. Other artists also inspire him. Often new music is also derived from earlier songs. Therefore, Eduward has a lot of admiration for artists who have become successful by doing what they find really cool and not by doing something they think works.

Because Eduward himself also started making songs seriously, a collab with Vunzige Deuntjes Soundsystem came about at some point. From there the bond with ‘Vunzige Deuntjes’ arose and that collaboration is still there.

What Eduward is most proud of is that there is even someone who listens to what he has made. That's number one. He also really likes it when he can get the audience involved during performances.

“When you start this adventure, you have to realize that it will take a very long time before you can experience tangibly that you are making progress,” says Eduward. Many people think that you earn quickly from it, but that takes a very long time. You must invest a lot, but don't get discouraged by it.

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