Drusnoise (DE)


drusnoise is a live, electronic music producer, sound artist and co-founder of the Berlin Modular Society. Originally from Canada, his roots in techno lie in the 90s rave scenes of Toronto, Vancouver and London before reaching to the German capital where he currently resides. drusnoise integrates analog modular synthesizers with digital FX and organic samples to create a style that flows from lush ambient tones to gritty techno, in addition to a few curveballs along the way. Known in the outside world as Dr. Steve Williams, his academic work includes conducting and publishing research on sustainable energy transition, sustainability in the electronic music ecosystem, and data sonification in Canada, Germany, and Sweden. Keen to merge themes of sustainability with dance music and sound art in today’s eco-challenging climate, drusnoise builds live sets and sound art performances from a plethora of natural sources. From urban field recordings to sampling vocals from a professor during a sustainability lecture, drusnoise’s approach is constantly evolving.

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